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Get trading calls from SEBI registered and Award Winning Analysts in both Fundamental and Technical basis with high Accuracy in Live Market. Join the Premium Telegram Channel “Commodity Mantra by SMC” to get calls, Fundamental and Technical updates, Live Stream, Exclusive Videos on market views and directions.

vandana bharti

Our Research Expert

Ms. Vandana Bharti, professionally an MBA, possesses 17 years of experience in both the domestic & international commodity market. She is a regular speaker on various news channels such as CNBC Awaaz, Zee Business, ET Now, Doordarshan, etc. She is a regular speaker in seminars organized by Assocham, FICCI, CPAI, PHD Chambers, MCX, NCDEX, etc. Her articles are published in prestigious newspapers and magazines. She is the Editor of the Annual Commodity Outlook, published by SMC Global. She won the “Viewers Choice Category” in the Best Market Analyst award organized by Zee Business and awarded by Ex-President Mr. Pranab Mukharjee. Also, won the “Best Commodity Analyst Award”, organized by CPAI (Commodity Participants Association of India). Her specialization is fundamental analysis and has expertise in seasonality, arbitrage, and event based calls.

The Premium Advantage - Commodity Mantra by SMC

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  • Daily Technical Calls
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  • Spread Trades
  • Fundamental Updates with Trend and Levels
  • Economic Indicator and Events and its Impact on Commodities
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Commodity Mantra by SMC (Premium)
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Benefits of Commodity Mantra Channel

Reduces Traning Risk

Views on Market Direction

Higher Accurate Results

Profitable Calls

Timely Updates & Call Alerts

Call Alerts

Coverts Multiple Index

Economic Releases, Events & its Impact

Actionable Trading Calls

Live Streams

Analyst Chat Support

Webinar & Videos

Happy Customers


What are the benefits of subscription of Commodity Mantra by SMC Telegram channel?
  • Subscribers will able to get the idea of market trend.
  • Will understand how to find best entry and exit.
  • Subscribers can get live trading calls and unlock the benefits of higher returns.
  • Through the Telegram channel, very valuable content, events and economic releases impact on commodities will be shared.
  • Understand the market trend with exclusive videos.
  • Fundamental Analysis, news and data’s which give high impact on the prices.
  • Best of all, subscribers will get high-quality calls with exact targets and stop-loss.
  • This is one stop solution to trade in all tools in commodities viz, Futures, Options, and Indices.
What are the trading hours for Commodity Trading?

Trading hours from agro commodities are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm in agri commodities and for non agro, it is 9:00 am to 11:30/11:55 pm.

Why invest in commodities?

Investing in commodities helps diversify your overall investment portfolio. This helps create a balanced portfolio and also helps mitigate the chances of any unwanted risk, generally associated with equity investment. Moreover, investment in commodities acts a cushion against future inflation as the commodity trade generally increases in volume during times of high inflation.

How safe is commodity trading?

Financial specialists emphasize the need to include commodities in your trading portfolio because they act as a hedge against inflation and at the same time, diversify your fund allocation to increase the degree of safety of investment. Therefore, commodity trading is fairly safe and low risk mode of trading.

How economic indicators are important for Commodity Trading?

The main purpose of economic indicators is to give an understanding of the state of an economy. For investors, traders and analysts, economic indicators provide information that can help them to discover new opportunities and adjust their portfolios.

Can we have webinars?

Our Subscribers are mostly connected to us through webinars. If you are commodity trader, this channel could be one of the best options available right now.

Can the subscription of Commodity Mantra by SMC Telegram channel is transferable to other telegram channel of SMC?

At present we don’t have facility of either transferring to other channels or refunding the nominal amount that we charge for the Commodity Mantra by SMC Telegram channel.